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I'm just a purr boy nobody rubs me. He's just a purr boy from a purr family. Spare him his life from this meowstrosity.

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Grumpy cat vs. cuddly cat

Hunter S. Thomcat is a traitor. An adorable, fluffy traitor.

She Who Seeks: Todays History Lesson: Marie Antoinette

I am the Queen of France! // Bath // Shower // Bubbles // Cat // Kitten // Pet // Cute // Funny // Humor // Isn't that the truth?

Brilliant advertisements always intuitively plant their messages in viewers' mind. I want to create advertisements that people would one day recall and say "Oh, that commercial? That was a cool one."

Business cat: Catch that red dot is a famous cat meme. The cat is a business cat. Cat’s feel different with the red dot. They likes to chase these red dot made by the laser. - See more 11 Best cat memes

This wonderful turnaround: | Literally Just 22 Nice Things That Will Make You Feel Better, I Promise

This wonderful turnaround:

Don't mess with the kitteh people, legions of us cat ladies will make life hell.