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Pentateuque by Fabien Mérelle This fasinating sculpture is a three dimensional replica of a previous illustration created by Fabien Mérelle in The piece shows a man withstanding the weight of a.

Fabian Merelle - China Ink

Fabien Merelle, Pentateuque , Resin with paint, hair and fabric Image: edouard malingue gallery Freshly graduated from the Beaux-Arts, former resident of th…

Really, whoa dude!

My mind is asking if there is a steel bar drilled into the stone and the boulder.

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Born in Marcus James was raised in the West Country by artistic parents. He was encouraged to

Some People Need Very Specific Instructions

Some People Need Very Specific Instructions

Lego ... sempre lego

Some artists sculpt in stones, others, like Nathan Sawaya, use Lego bricks. Millions of Lego bricks. In his New York studio, Nathan Sawaya creates impressive sculptures for years.

O Amor é a resposta!

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What to do with problems, stress, or worries...

Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

For me, a balloon is a sign of letting go of things that you let hold you down. I really want a tattoo of a balloon.