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Judy Alred - Google+

Judy Alred - Google+

Homemade rain barrel

Homemade Rain Barrel - good way to 'recycle' water and not have to jack up your water bill! Penabade maybe Aaron should set this up so you guys can still water the garden & grass w/out the water bill being so dang high!

Too many tomatoes? Freeze them whole. Their texture changes some, so use them in cooked tomato recipes. So much easier than canning.

~J Freezing Tomatoes . use in place of canned tomatoes in all your recipes ! Great & easy Idea for all those garden tomatoes when your in a hurry to get them stored up for winter !

Photo JJ  John & Judy Happy - We Love each other.                                                                    ???     Aug 17/ 2014  pined       Johns Birthday June 7/ 2014

Photo JJ John & Judy Happy - We Love each other.

Jesus loves the little children Vinyl Wall Decal by back40life. $15.00, via Etsy.

Jesus loves the little children Vinyl Wall Decal Sunday School Room with Pics of Sunday School Kids mixed with Pics of Random Children of the World

How To Grow An Avocado Tree. From gardenreboot.blogspot.com.

When a pinner suggested "Grow an Avocado Tree. Florida pinner did about 5 years ago. Their tree is HUGE now and got our first avacado! They are beautiful trees." Pinner in Texas

Fried Green Tomato @loavesanddishes.net

Try this recipe for the Fried Green Tomato! You will never know how good a green tomato can be until you have one the original Southern Cooking way!

13 Do’s & Don’ts When Growing Your Own Tomatoes

How To Grow Roses From One Cutting

13 Dos & Do Nots of Growing Tomatoes - Gardening Jones .Epsom salt, who knew?

Purple carrots!

Carrot Purple Dragon Daucus carota 'The original Afghan carrot from which orange colours developed. Superior carotene and anti-oxidants to other carrots. A subtle and sweet, yet spicy flavour'

Stand for your rights! Or watch them get trampled by a liberal Government!

Freedom of religion should defend ALL religious beliefs… ESPECIALLY the original religion of the American immigrant… Religious Liberty IS the American way!

Looking for teacher training meetings your teachers will enjoy and come back to? Use these 4 easy-to-prepare training meetings!

4 Easy Children's Ministry Teacher Training Meetings

Top 10 Wedding Dance Videos on YouTube

Top 10 Wedding Dance Videos on YouTube

Pin for Later: 11 Wedding Dance Videos That Totally Deserved to Go Viral The First Dance With Kids This couple turns their first dance into a medley of dances, too, but things really get fun when their kids join in at