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It doesn’t even ask anymore…

attempts to solve failed internet conection using the inter - Scumbag Windows


The Little Mermaid. "I'd be more interested in the fact that I suddenly had a vag.

Truth and Lies Poster by Justin Barber

Designed by Justin Barber, this humorous poster series takes some of the most common, everyday lies we tell ourselves and hear from others, and bluntly translates them into the unequivocal truth.

Angry Girl Text Message Ends with Period haha so true

Texting gf and got this // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

My people will get it.

One Don’t Simply Walk into Moore Door…:) « Funny Images, Pictures, Photos, Pics, Videos and Jokes

Say iphone one more time

Say iphone one more time

LIKE A BOSS. I remember watching this episode. Never used one life line but to call his dad!

I see you're in 1st place on the last lap, it would be a shame if you, slipped and fell off the course

Mario Kart Rage

Every time. That evil banana peel gets me everytime on mario kart!