Jensen Ackles

The Lovestory of Jensen and Danneel Ackles I guess I’ll start of with why I’m making this post. Basically I am sick of seeing people with their morbid fantasies that Jensen and Danneel shouldn’t be.

Jensen Ackles - Eye of the Tiger. Literally the best SPN moment in all of history. Ever.

(Video) Jensen Ackles ( Dean Winchester) - Behind the scenes: performing Eye of the Tiger Season Episode Yellow Fever. One of the best scenes of the season. Lol I'm so happy to be able to watch these over again thanks to Netflix.

Jensen and Jared

How is it he just had a beanie ripped off his head and his hair still perfect? The Supernatural hair of Jared Padalecki

Supernatural Guide To Hunting Winchester & Co.

Everybody gets a meme

People ask why are we not scared of anything, because we know how to kill everything and that is what this post is for !