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I wanna do this! But as a game! kinda like real life Slender! Just kidding! My friend would kill me!

Slender notes

this would be a hilarious practical joke. I only know what this is because Dan and Phil played it for spookey-week once.

You do not know how BADLY I need this

Slenderman painting >> why would someone do this? Do they want to have nightmares? >> I think it's actually really cool>>no durh its slender man he put on his fucking wall!

Oh gawd.......wait, take this and run before the scary Slendy fangirls find it!!

Lol oh slender man<<< *undresses and jumps into the bathtub* I'm ready!

Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack

This comic was really fun to draw. x) Too hilarious in my point of view! Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack-Comic 17