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This shadow box features a customizable scene perfect for a wedding gift or engagement. Instead of a sword, our friendly cave-dweller has offered a heart container to Link and Zelda. You can include any message on the bottom with the actual font from the game, such as the names of a couple and their wedding or anniversary date.  The black background of the cave really makes the sprites pop out of this shadow box! Its the perfect gift for any nostalgic gaming couple.  INSTRUCTIONS:  Please…

A 'modern' version of the first Super Mario stage, thanks to Super Mario All Stars

Super Mario All Stars (SNES) - «El castillo» caja de sombra de videojuegos 3D con marco de cristal por VideoGameShadowBox

Super Mario All Stars (SNES) - «El castillo» caja de sombra de videojuegos 3D con marco de cristal por VideoGameShadowBox

Video Game Shadow Box - Imgur

Video Game Shadow Box

We always thought that throwing fire balls is Mario's coolest power. Show your love for the little plumber with this Super Mario Bros Shadowbox/

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Duck Hunt 3D Shadow Box Diorama Art NES Nintendo by 33miniatures

Art Diorama - Duck Hunt Deluxe Diorama Art Piece based on the iconic NES light gun game Duck Hunt The art is printed on super premium high

Thursday! It feels like Saturday already. Hows your week going? I am so tired! Hopefully bullet Bill will brighten up your day Today's share is by @california_gaming. What a wonderful piece it is!! #nintendo64 #ninstagram #mario #bulletbill #koopa #supermario #supermariomaker #supermarioworld #supermariobros #bowser #geeky #geekart #geek #geekworld #art #crafts #creative #amazing #nintendo64 #igersnintendo #nostalgia #geekart #geeksrule

Retro Video Game Shadow Boxes Add Immortal Depth To Classic Arcades These Video Game Shadow Boxes made by Toronto-based Etsy artists Glitch Artwork capture exactly the singular simplicity that has kept the and

TMNT NES Game Shadowbox

20 Shadow Box Ideas, Cute and Creative Displaying meaningful memories

This Mario Kart Shadow Box Art would upgrade any wall.

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Its a Space Invaders shadow box! The art is made from meticulously cut prints and foamboard, and shows invading hordes of aliens, descending in the

Space Invaders Arcade Shadow Box by GlitchArtwork on Etsy


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As beautiful as this scene is, I cant help but feel a tinge of sadness because I know that my adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom has once again come to an end. But at the same time, it only takes me a second to realize that its one step closer to playing it all over again! Some games I can never get bored of.  My favorite thing about this scene is the choice of vibrant colors. In fact, I never noticed that the colors of the birds matched the colors of the Yoshis until I made this shadow…

A happy and colorful scene of the whole gang from Super Mario World

Yoshis Island 3D Shadow Box Diorama Art SNES Super Nintendo

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Ghouls 'n Ghosts Arcade Game 3D Shadow Box by GlitchArtwork

Ghouls 'n Ghosts Arcade Game Shadow Box by GlitchArtwork