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When your head goes through the windshield: the 10 best moments of the TBS/Brand New feud - Alternative Press

"Jesse Lacey is just a dick," said Adam Lazzara, reigniting the century's greatest emo beef.

EMMURE KEEPS STARDOM UNDER THE LIMELIGHT http://punkpedia.com/punk-rock-bands/emmure-keeps-stardom-under-the-limelight-6964/

Emmure- probably the best line by them: "So do me a favor, the next time you see her, ask your girl what my dick tastes like!

A DAY TO REMEMBER IN SKATE AND SURF FESTIVAL 2013 http://punkpedia.com/news/a-day-to-remember-in-skate-and-surf-festival-2013-6267/

A day to remember(: They have some pretty good lyrics, too. I guess i like ADTR so much because i like to relate to lyrics and with them that's not too hard for me. Plus, that guy has a heck of a voice.Yay for Jeremy!

I love them<3

I love them<3

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Leave no words unspoken save regrets for the broken - ADTR///// lyrical advice from mi favorite band.