Gone Bollywood! by Ellygator on DeviantArt

Size 15 seed beads (matte purple metallic iris, gold, silver-lined turquoise, silver-lined pink) amethyst beads, polyester thread. Gone Bollywood!

Браслеты из бисера.. Комментарии : LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

size 15 seed beads (silver-lined honey, matte slate metallic, rose gold, bright gold) purple-gold crystal beads I love the contrast.

(2015), 9"x 3", Size 15 seed beads (opaque black, silverlined white opal, silverlined transparent green ab, silverlined transparent turquoise ab) Onyx beads, Fireline. A little less colorful than I...

Size 15 seed beads (matte dark grey metallic, transparent copper-lined ab, orange silver-lined ab, pale yellow silver-lined) carnelian beads, Fireline I enjoyed playing with the fi.

con tessitura laterale

Ellygator is very talented female artist. but i like more of all her uniqe bracelet with wonderful magic patterns!

Golden Lotus by Ellygator on DeviantArt

Size 15 seed beads (matte black, silver-lined seafoam opal, silver-lined turquoise, transparent blue AB) chrysocolla beads, Fireline. This pattern reminds me of two squid facing off .

Amethyst and Gold by Ellygator on DeviantArt

Size 15 seed beads (matte transparent dark brown, silver lined matte lavender, rose gold), faceted amethyst beads, nylon thread. Amethyst and Gold

(2006) 3.5"x2", pale gold Swarovski pearls, red gold metallic iris size 15 seed beads, 14 carat gold size 15 seed beads, delica beads (gold opal, dark bronze, satin 14 carat gold), bronze size 11 s...

2 Size 15 seed beads (matte green iris, lined transparent matte beige, lined transparent matte green), sweetwater pearls, nylon thread.

Golden Flight by Ellygator.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Size 15 seed beads (matte metallic slate, rose gold, transparent dark amethyst, silver-lined light amethyst) amethyst beads, Fireline.

London Topaz by Ellygator.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Size 15 seed beads gold, silver-lined transparent teal), faceted London topaz beads, nylon thread. This is a kind of hybrid between my delica cuff bracelets and my shaped size.

Red Lion by Ellygator on DeviantArt

Size 15 seed beads (dark ruby, black, silver-lined orange iris, silver-lined champagne) carnelian beads, polyester thread. I had done this design once before as part of my zodiac ser.