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A flock of Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla) .They will pick this bush clean in an hour.

I'm in awe of the way the colors and textures of the bird and the plant look as if they were designed to go together.  #BuenosDiasATodos #FelizViernes

clicking on Content Presentation Strategy leads to advertising site. Beautiful picture, though.

Cardinals in a group

We have these on our backyard every winter. Their red feathers look great with the white snow!

The birds dance in the snow. Why shouldn't we?

welcome-foolishmortals: “ etsy: “ The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries. ” I really love Cardinals in snow. I recently discovered that to be one of my favourite.

#Winter #photography ToniK  Cardinal

Male northern cardinal bird in winter snow storm on branch of red berries - Angry bird!

Amerikansk Blåskade

Blue Jay pair couple feeding each other on icy berry branch in winter christmas snow