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kid's letters! :) I laughed out loud at more than a few of these

Kids might be a lot smarter (or not) than we think, and these weird letters / notes prove it.

I think we've all done this a few times

"Sorry my mom said no"

Maddie: Cathy, Can I borrow your phone? Cathy: Um... *What Maddie sees in…

Mad die asks to borrow Cathy's phone and then madder sees all of Cathy's recent searches

Meanwhile, I would be so happy about this. I miss clippy bouncing up and down in the corner of my screen.

Funny pictures about A Wild Clippy Appears. Oh, and cool pics about A Wild Clippy Appears. Also, A Wild Clippy Appears photos.

Mr. Bean

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10 Detention Slips You Must See To Believe - Edudemic - Sometimes teachers just need a good laugh :)

Amazing Reasons to Get Detention - I like the Hunger Games one the best. That or the one where the student corrected the teacher (after all, a mile IS longer than a kilometer) but got detention anyways.

lmao, So wrong!

Funny pictures about Evil cat is saved from the fire. Oh, and cool pics about Evil cat is saved from the fire. Also, Evil cat is saved from the fire.


Little Girl Strikes a Pose to Scare Away Little Boys Flirting Fail Nice Work Dad ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Jesus Vs. God

Jesus Vs. God

Created by the guy behind itsthetie website, which publishes weekly hilarious webcomics , so this time he did one on the adventures of god

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