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Captain Rigby Cry TEST WIP by KasaraWolf

This is the part of the animation where Hana looks to Captain Rigby asking if he's dead. Well, she knows her answer This is, of coarse, a test animation.

Their HIS kits SKETCH by KasaraWolf on DeviantArt

I have NO IDEA why I called it that So, this is my character Firefur literally falling for 's character, Crowwing We Roleplayed together a story with them, go read it when she uploads it!

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight for @Squirrelflight

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight form the amazing Johnson! I love it sooo much! It’s sooo cuteee😻😻😻

Cat Couple HEADSHOT by KasaraWolf

Point Commission for ~! These two characters belong to I hope you like it!

Warriors: Cats from sagas 1-2 by Korrenraa on DeviantArt

Warriors: Cats from sagas by Korrenraa on DeviantArt //it has the warriors finnish names under it//

How to draw Warrior Cats pt 3 by heylorlass on deviantART

How to draw Warrior Cats pt 3 by heylorlass on deviantART - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

Warriors 4 Clans Sketch 1 by KasaraWolf on DeviantArt

Just some sketches of some clans and the current leader of it xDD Warriors 4 Clans Sketch 1

Warrior Cats Design 10 by KasaraWolf on deviantART

-Draw Roleplay-, (Left) Blossomflower <--, (middle) Darkfoot, and Blead (far right).

Heatherstar. Warriors by Romashik-arts on DeviantArt| you know I always kind of disliked her bc she knew a warrior of hers (Talltail) would leave to find himself and she still took it like its the worst thing ever and a leader is supposed to understand their warriors

Warriors by Romashik-arts on DeviantArt

Snowflurry (she-cat) queen of birchclan different and kind mate:amberriver

Ivywing is a kind, loving shecat who is the deputy of the clan. She is funny and gentle around kits. Even though she is pretty no tons like her (not that she knows of) she is played by me Sunspirit she is mentor to Echopaw