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Funny pictures about Disney Movies Chronology. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Movies Chronology. Also, Disney Movies Chronology photos.

"Makes me sad that I don't know a lot of the early ones! Disney is the best!!!"  <--- This statement makes me sad! I feel incredibly old...

Can you name all the Disney Movies?

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In-Depth Analysis of 21 Disney Female Ladies SUPER interesting Disney Census

Which Disney Castle is Your Perfect Home?

Which Disney Castle is Your Perfect Home?



The age is just a little off but that is so true. "Adults Are Only Kids Grown Up.

Timeline of rapunzel. yes my board is filled with rapunzel right now. My friends are honestly obsessed with this movie at the moment and I swear I'm not looking all of it up lol. :) -3

Disney Challenge Prettiest Princess -- haha that's not cool, making me choose! But whatever, Rupunzel. Especially with her brown hair.