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1937 Cord 812 SC “Sportsman” Convertible Coupe.  Another line built back home in Indiana.

1937 Cord 812 SC “Sportsman” Convertible Coupe - I love the styling of Cords.

The #Lamborghini Gallardo was first released in 2003 and ended production in 2013. The #car was light weight and powerful. Everything you want in a #supercar.

1971 Lamborghini Miura SV / / Italy / yellow (Need To Try Design Studios)

Citroen 2CV A / photo by Thomas Pichot

1950 - Citroen A / photo by Thomas sports cars sport cars vs lamborghini cars

Citroën Type H 1981. Ce Type H est exceptionnel! C'est le dernier à avoir été fabriqué après une carrière débutée en 1947

Citroën Type H This Type H is exceptional! It was the last to be manufactured after a career begun in 1947

Citroën 2 CV. 30 shades of grey...

Me x 30 - parking a Citroën 2 CV – Photo: Carl Johan Rehbinder

GentleCar — Citroën 2CV german poster

GentleCar — Citroën 2CV german poster