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Sometimes you have to give up on people. Everyone in your journey is meant to be in your journey, but not everyone is meant to stay there.

The worst feeling in the world is being hurt by someone you love.

The worst feeling in the world is being hurt by someone you love or by someone you thought loved you.


With courage you will take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity - Mark Twain


Author Unknown A group of frogs were travelling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When they saw how deep the pit was, they told …

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she is definitely my soul mate.fucking life why does it hv to be so confusing!

re-read what it says...move forward...forgive so you can continue to live.

Forgiveness is not always easy. At times it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. So hard.

There is no more need for negativity in my life, I am all about positivity and moving forward and being happy. This is all I will accept, point blank period. Lost it for a second there but I'm back. All that shit not necessary anyways. That's old horrible news, don't nobody need that in their life.

Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. Yes, fibro is bad, but at least I can still walk, talk and have use of all my senses.