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If you'd read my books you would be very aware of this

What I wish I could say

oh, I offended you with my opinion? you should hear the ones I keep to myself.

Because it's easier

Funny pictures about Name Improvements For Everyday Stuff. Oh, and cool pics about Name Improvements For Everyday Stuff. Also, Name Improvements For Everyday Stuff photos.


To all the haters, to all the manipulators, to all those who want to tear others down with jealousy, to all the rumormongers and gossip hounds.I am throwing you a bone, you know where you can stick it!

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Here's what's wrong this quote. Being perfect doesn't mean you have to look flawless in the physical aspect. Yes, I'm not perfect. That doesn't make me ugly. Your beautiful heart makes you perfectly imperfect. Not having a flatter stomach, etc.

We wish that too... #LiveNation #music

I wish my life had background music so I that I could understand what the hell was going on. That's life.

Also teach them to choose men who will respect them so they don't need a gun or a restraining order!

girls with guns are good. My 9 yr old is training to protect herself and others in an emergency. No victims here.

The Grim Reaper goes to the doctor. What do you think the doc's theory is?

chapter 3 focuses on patient/doctor relationship and communication being a transactional process this cartoon is something i thought was funny for the term non-verbal encouragement and other key factors in chapter 3


The Darkness, Western Ghost Rider & Gunslinger Spawn - Ryan Pasibe


Whenever I have a panic attack, I put a brown paper bag over my head and drink all the rum inside. IT WORKS WONDERS!