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Phillip Murray | Jan. 27, 1941

Phillip Murray | Jan. 27, 1941

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari: The New York Times Magazine cover (detail)

New York times Magazine - Cattelan

invented apple and pixar and didnt even have a college education..that definitely counts as cool

With Steve Jobs' Passing, Apple Loses Its Top Sales, Advertising and PR Man

Steve Jobs in Time Magazine front cover - 1010

Google Image Result for http://www.andysowards.com/blog/assets/Albert-Einstein-Person-of-the-Century-Dec.-31-1999-Time-Magazine-Collector-Cover.jpeg

50 Best Time Magazine Covers

Time magazine - Person of the Century: Albert Einstein, Dec 1999

America 1968 Baltimore Riots 2015 Time Magazine Cover-  Black men dying at the hands of police had become “a slow-rolling crisis” in America, as President Obama would put it nine days after Gray’s death. And Freddie Gray was a black man who entered a police van handcuffed and conscious on April 12 and came out less than an hour later comatose, with his spinal cord nearly severed.  The what, the how and the why of Gray’s fatal encounter with Baltimore police remained a mystery more than two…

The Roots of Baltimore’s Riot

the-gasoline-station: “America 1968 2015 TIME’s Baltimore Cover With Aspiring Photographer Devin Allen Source: TIME ”

Time magazine’s 2012 Person of the Year: President Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been named TIME's person of the year. It's the second time President Obama has been named person of the year by the popular magazine: in 2008 he was indeed chosen for being the first black president of the United States.

Could 2013 be the year of the Cumberbatch? - How Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Geek So Cool

How Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Geek So Cool

" This week's international cover of TIME Magazine. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch photographed at TIME, New York, Oct.

John F. Kennedy Jr. - November 1963..There Are No Words...The Salute Says It All...America Was Heartbroken..

John F. - November 1963 - Time Magazine cover when JFK Jr, wife and sister-in-law were lost at sea.

TIME Magazine Cover: Diana, Princess of Wales - Sep. 15, 1997

TIME Magazine Cover: Diana, Princess of Wales - Sep. 1997 the prettiest princess of all time No one is more beautiful than Lady Di Prince Charles killed the most beautiful princess ever had England England will never again have such a beautiful princess

Beyoncé Covers TIME Magazine’s Most 100 Influential People Issue with Suspiciously Slimmer Thighs

Beyonce TIME Magazine's '100 Most Influential' Issue

Beyonce Covers Time’s 100 Most Influential People Issue – Find Out Who Else Made the List! Beyonce shows off her fierce figure on the cover of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People issue of the magazine. Also joining the entertainer…

1955 original vintage Time magazine cover featuring Grace Kelly.

TIME Cover: Grace Kelly - Cassie probably didn't buy many news magazines but she certainly would have bought this one that featured her role model on the cover.

TIME Magazine -- U.S. Edition -- September 10, 2012 Vol. 180 No. 11 (Geographic)

Time Magazine September 2012 Back Issues and Used Magazines

The Next City / the New York Times Magazine.

The Newyork Times Magazine

Adolf Hitler - May 7, 1945 - Time Magazine Cover

50 Best Time Magazine Covers

1945 – Adolf Hitler Publish Date: May 1945 Cover Story: The Betrayer

Finding peace in a stressed-out, digitally dependent culture may just be a matter of thinking differently

The Mindful Revolution

The Mindful Revolution / The Art of Being Mindful by Kate Prickert, Time Magazine, Feb. // ''Finding peace in a stressed-out digitally dependent culture may just be a matter of thinking differently.

The queen of 2015 opens up about her success, her son and Beyoncé.

Adele Covers Time Magazine In All Her Glory

Adele's Time magazine portrait shot by Minnesota-born Erik Madigan Heck