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Le roman graphique "Y: the Last Man"

Watts Off Topic : le roman graphique “Y : the Last Man”

Y: The Last Man Unmanned It's been well over a decade sinse I last read a good graphic novel, or any graphic novel for that matter. think it's safe to say I'm hooked on this series now I've started it. Would highly recommend

Civil War no. 6 (Dec 2006)

Yes, the Russo Brother have cast doubt, but there is a compelling case why we expect CIVIL WAR to be the 2016 CAP 3 sub-title.

Image from http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/ValiantUniverse.jpg.

This Saturday’s question: Excluding Marvel and DC, who is your favorite comic publisher?

WE3 #1

by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely [Great Comics]