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We just can't get enough bees in the inner city - so many people have fashionable 'outdoor rooms' that lack flowers for the bees. And without them, growing fruiting vegetable plants can be a failure.

Coming in for a landing….Bees are a symbol of fertility as they spread their joy between flowers so that we can continue to appreciate all that we take soo much for granted. Please plant flowers to encourage, birds, bees and butterflies.

bees love sunflowers...so do I! Need the bees to keep pollination alive! <pin by dreaming 58>

Grow a sunflower in your yard this year! Great nutrition for the bees, and later you have a natural, nutrient-rich birdfeeder! (You can harvest the seeds, too!

all you need to know about keeping bees, and harvesting honey

all you need to know about keeping bees, and harvesting honey

My Uncle Ewell was a natural bee man. Bees followed him and loved him. He was my grandmother Fannie and grandfather Wilke's  son. I wrote a novel about them called FANNIE  WILKE: For the Love of a Country Girl. Available on Amazon.com and Barnes  Noble.com

More Than a Half Million People Demand Home Depot and Lowe's Stop Selling Bee-Killing Pesticides

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🌞 This Ivy House 🌘 — milklake: catherinepapeillustration: .

Late evenings, the buzz of bees heading for the hive, to take the days sunshine back to make hexagons of honey.

Len Vallely falls afoul of some Sagittarius bees, in Another example of an incompetent, bumbling princeling disturbing the otherwise hard working.

Sweet Sweet Nectar ~ A job well done Busy Bee.

Country Spring with Daisies and Bees - Sweet Sweet Nectar ~ A job well done Busy Bee.


Honey Bee by Sven Hastedt - Honey Bee Photograph - Honey Bee Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale)

Cera d'api, miele, propoli, sono le materie prime prodotte dalle api con le quali si è lavorato per progettare una collezione di oggetti di design.

Honeybees on comb filled with nectar. The nectar gathered from flowers is watery so once bees fill up the combs they then fan their wings to evaporate the excess water. The honey gets thick and the bees know when it's cured so that they can cap it.