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whoever ur bias or bias wrecker is, we all know there is a special place for jongdae in all our hearts ❤️ chen hwaiting! keep smiling!

Sweet angel Jongdae ♥️<<<<< I'm crying? This is the purest thing I'll ever see in my life,along with Hobi's dimple smile,don't touch me,I'm soft!

Yupp... hahaha beagle line so calm cx

Exo- Baekhyun is more interested in the chocolates on the table

Minseok is rude, this choreo is rude, I feel very much attacked

EXO »Pendejadas

Who gave Xiumin a shirt that you can see through? Because he deserves a medal!

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Kris'suho'tao and luhan

Kris'suho'tao and luhan

Guess these Kpop stars Quiz - By kpoplover2264

The beat of your heart - SuLay [Traducción al Español.

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SHINee and Bigbang together = amazing... BTW can we talk about how Minho is super tall compared to Seungri hehehe

SHINee and Bigbang together = amazing. BTW can we talk about how Minho is super tall compared to Seungri hehehe.


Height Chart : Suho ^~^ I'm below his ear hahaha XD

There’s nothing straight about this gif

Intagram-Exo 🌈✨

Luhan's torn between Xiumin and Sehun and Sehun's like giving him that face and Luhan's so confused and OMIGOD I FEEL U LUHAN. It's like picking a bias. << That was quite the face on Sehun.



EXO's maknae everyone

Sehun The Trolling King Thats what i wanted to see in exo next door. The real sehun would never do that.