Megan Hess. Those who Chanel together stay together. We'll have 3 CocoCinos please!

Megan Hess is the illustrator for Chanel, Dior and Cartier – lucky girl! She brings fashion to life with her mega-glam and feminine sketches.

Honey chile I'm all about us making it to the top together! Not hoping someone does good but not better than me! If I can help a fellow business owner I do just that! No jealousy hating envy or anything like that! Be blessed!

kerrie hess

Kerrie Hess (Year unknown), I like the use of the variation in line work to illustrate a very detailed background and the contrast of colours to highlight and focus all attention on the fashion garment.

** Hayden Williams **

Williams Fashion Illustrations: Iconic Women collection by Hayden Williams: Liz, Grace, Marilyn Audrey

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