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Happens really frequently... ^^

Money talks, and mine always says: "Wanna go to the bookstore today?

So true. Especially my favorite childhood books.

I do not want to just read books; I want to climb inside them and live there. I do climb inside them and live there and, I bring them to life in my imagination.

Bibliophiles. the best way to explain it

Book quote: I'm not a bookworm, I'm an escape artist! - quote for book lovers.

“All I want is peace, love, understanding and a library bigger than the Grand Canyon.”

All I want is peace, love, understanding and a library BIGGER than the Grand Canyon. Oh yeah!

No such thing as a kid who doesnt like reading.

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Spark Student Motivation-Reading Counts: "There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading.[just] kids who are reading the wrong books"

This is so true...I need to live to be 120 to read all the books I want and do everything I've pinned.

this is so true, my "to-read" list never seems to stop growing! There are too many books to read and too little time to actually do it! Especially when I finish a series book :)

I really was meaning to...

It is most likely that I will die next to a pile of books I was meaning to read.or die FROM that pile of books.

My whole life.  Only kid I know that gave up recess in elementary school to work in the school library!

Bookfessions "I love going to a bookstore or library and just browsing. It's like my own personal therapy session.


Bookfessions Sometimes I just sit and stare at my books, amazed at how many lives are sitting on the shelves. How many stories I can become part of.

If I could get paid for this, life would be darn near perfect!

Quote - 'Why can't I just read all day, everyday?' A wonderful quote about reading, wish I could!