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Who thinks this fight would be epic! Ichigo Final Getsuga Form Ichigo wins hands down sorry naruto :)

Day 23- Favourite attack someone used in an anime. Getsuga Tensho by Ichigo, Bleach. I just love this move, and especially the final form.

is Radio, rediscovered - Songs to use on Amv Part 1 ( Anime Music Video) () by rebornpt

Ichigo's the new spiderman! XD

you realize you're being stalked by th most badass soul reaper hollow combo in history


HD Wallpaper and background photos of Bleach for fans of Bleach Anime images.

Seems legit..

Rukia x Renji: I never freaking thought of this.the resemblance is uncanny! But in the end Rukia will be with Ichigo!

Luffy and Naruto Chrome Theme - ThemeBeta

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