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#coffee #cafe #breakfast #morning www.theWhiteHarlemite.blogspot.com

#coffee #cafe #breakfast #morning www.theWhiteHarlemite.blogspot.com

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Caffe Print for the kitchen above the cafe bar.

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Find a study spot where you can feel creative, concentrate and find the best coffee and a snack. Try a local cafe or town/university library!

lisa scheer. perfect composition and colour.

Cup of coffee at the diner. Photo by Lisa Scheer.

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I love exposed brick on the interior of a home. My dream home that I have designed in my head, includes at least the living room having exposed brick.

#aesthetic #beige

#aesthetic #beige


Cafe Pistou in London

"Forget love... fall in coffee." -Coffee Fellows {{ @neverwordless }}

fall in coffee.

coffee art

Things We Love: Coffee Art

Looking for Designs?Here are 41 Absolutely Beautiful Coffee Latte Art Designs(So Good you Won’t Drink your Cup) that you can Easily Make and Create.

f ø l l ø w ↠ @ r y a h b r e e

f ø l l ø w ↠ @ r y a h b r e e

David Hart - coffee love poster Has your coffee maker ever malfunctioned, overflowing coffee and grounds onto the counters making a big mess? JustinCaseDeck.com manufactures and sells a specialized platform that sits beneath your Coffee Maker. When an overflow occurs the liquid is captured in the Just in Case Deck. Brought to you by Just-in-CaseDeck.com

David Hart - coffee love poster Has your coffee maker ever malfunctioned…

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Fashion/Beauty Summer Must haves (BeautiliciousD)

divergram:  Yes, plz. by tonalmemories http://ift.tt/1UHpsoy

divergram: Yes, plz. by tonalmemories.

Tarte chocolat et café

Tarta de chocolate, berenjena y café (Recetas de Mon)

Recetas de Mon: Tarta de chocolate, berenjena y café/ Chocolate tart with eggplant and coffee.

─ sugarlusty

─ sugarlusty

This is the type of aged look I would love to have in my home.  All the appliances and underpinnings can be new, but have character like this.

Hotel / Pub Interior - love the rough wood bar and floor, the backless stools, the light fixtures