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Awesome escaletor design

Simpsons Donuts& escalator by Gabriel Russo - Sao Paolo, Brazil

How FUNNY!  I knew escalators were going to eat my feet

The great escalator was made for The Simpsons movie. It features everyone’s favorite dolt chomping down on donuts at the bottom of the escalator. It looks like Homer Simpson eating a veggie burger.

I have an owl tree in my room!(:

Day 66: All the owlets

Owls: Lovely for a child's room - could be used for counting - there are 9 owls.o draw our own and colour them t them! And pin them up on their walls, too.

The simpsons

The Simpsons vs Pop Culture

funny ad


Creative advertising on an escalator, Advertising.

Signing++ gaaf voorbeeld van Kleenex. #mmmi

We deliver advertising campaigns throughout the UK and Europe, but we also…

Les Chip Shop Awards – Le prix qui récompense la créativité sans limites

always love some good old nontraditional advertising.

Oh my god it's perfect

If Elsa were jack frost -- Elsa Frost or Jackie Frost

10+ Creative and Genius Advertising Campaigns You've Ever Seen - bemethis

10+ Creative and Genius Advertising Campaigns You've Ever Seen

10+ Creative and Genius Advertising Campaigns You've Ever Seen - bemethis

These would make my day.

Ad. Win

I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious


20 creative guerilla marketing campaigns

Guerrilla Advertising in New York for the Sopranos. This is a funny stunt which is extremely intriguing to a passerby who happens to see the arm hanging from the taxi boot. This encourages them to look at the sticker and see that the arm is fake.

Homer Simpson #poledance #poledancing

Homer Simpson what I look like pole dancing. With shorter shorts and more cleavage.

San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase

San Francisco’s Mosaic Staircase. Hidden art gem in San Francisco; head to and Moraga to discover The Avenue Tiled Steps. Not only will you be able to see some amazing views of the city, you'll get to appreciate a beautiful mosaic running up 163 steps.

hairdresser ad  #outdoor #ad

juice salon Advertisement on Escalator and Stair

David Bowie Street Art, Graffiti, pop Art

David Bowie Street Art by Otto Schade ~ Graffiti, pop Art

Fanzara, Spain: “MIAU” Marries Street Art & Cats, Breaks Internet : Brooklyn Street Art

Brooklyn Street Art -Thiago Goms"MIAU",Fanzara Spain,July taken by Lluis Olive Bulbena