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A bunch of color palletes both for upcoming commissions and because I want to share some of the gorgeous palletes I have found. These palletes are also .

Todos los colores están hechos de 3 colores amarillo, cian, magenta ... #colours

Complete Pantone Ink Color Chart Useful When Redecorating Too Click The Picture To See The Full Char

黒い方は別の方なのね @“もにかにこさんのカラーパレットをリセレクトしてみたので、他の色でやってみたいなぁという方はどうぞ!”

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黒い方は別の方なのね @“もにかにこさんのカラーパレットをリセレクトしてみたので、他の色でやってみたいなぁという方はどうぞ!”

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boardingtheark: “Aaaaaand as promised- Here is the selection for version of the colour palette meme!

OK so I'm gonna do requests using this color palette so in the comments put down any character and any color scheme and I'll draw it

I'll do animal requests with this palette! The program that I try to use for digital is FireAlpaca, but I'm still getting the hang of it. That and it won't let me upload, any tips?

Encontrar a combinação correta para as cores é uma das partes (e desafios) mais importantes que um criativo pode enfrentar. É através da combinação de cores que o job terá ou não harmonia. São elas que dizem se o trabalho tem energia, é mais sereno, um pouco mais dark ou voltado para a pegada clean.

TETRAD COLOR PALETTE----------------------This is a scheme that includes one primary and two complementary colors, plus an additional color that highlights the accents. An example: blue-green, blue-violet, orange-red, orange-yellow.

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Some colour palettes I made that I plan on using soon. Free for others to use, no credit needed!

夏デザイン配色の参考に!すぐに使えるパステル系カラーパレット15選まとめ - PhotoshopVIP


夏デザイン配色の参考に!すぐに使えるパステル系カラーパレット15選まとめ - PhotoshopVIP