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Done 2016

I have a boy and a girl elf so it is perfect that they would play a game of tic tac toe on the bathroom mirror as we sleep

With M&Ms since kids don't like marshmallows

100 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

135 easy elf on the shelf ideas. Easy elf on the shelf ideas for kids, fun elf on the shelf ideas

Elf decorations

Elf on the Shelf Goes Bow Crazy Holly got into the Christmas bows and did a little decorating! Could do a heart shape or a rectangle in the mirror with bows.

Elf wraps shoes in tinfoil on a school day (courtesy of Allison's elf)

Elf on the shelf, tricks and shenanigans. Santa is coming, Christmas decorating, kids holiday decor

Elf makes a snowman out of cars.

Herman & Roxie (Our version of Elf on a Shelf) Cars Snowman. Maybe with legos

Parents, find healthy ideas for Elf on the Shelf this holiday season.

Six Elf on the Shelf Ideas for teaching your kids healthy habits and things you'd like them to do! This hopscotch board is just the beginning of ideas. Catch your elf being healthy and tag with

Our little Elf on the Shelf Ringo Bells has some new fun ideas for you! You can find all of our Elf adventures throughout the years HERE, and follow along on Instagram for daily updates!  The kids are having a great time with him. Like I said before, we don’t do the “touch the elf and...Read More »

MORE Ideas for The Elf on the Shelf from Ringo Bells {2012

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Elf on the Shelf, Elfie loves the really cold weather of the North Pole. Sleeping in the butter dish reminded him of home.

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Elf on the Shelf : parade start the parade at N's bedroom door & have it snake around the house until he'll finally get to the front/leader.