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Um bebê de quase 30 anos *-*

160326 LuHan Reloaded Concert in Beijing

I sense a disturbance in the force . Could it be that I maddy am about to do a small Luhan spam?

Oh sweet god help me

❤ Prince of Beijing ❤ Official 鹿晗 Lu Han Thread - Page 1290 - Artists


Exo - Luhan "*-^ Wink for me from the manly LuLu"

Resultado de imagem para luhan pinterest

I love these magical hair colours, they're just so unique and beautiful. And they look specially good on Luhan.

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LuHan 160326 Reloaded Tour in Bejijing

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ab019490jw1ekux3cywnej21kw23ue1y.jpg (2048×2730)


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Such good skin. 0.0

My mom cursed when i showed her a pic of lu cuz she was known very pretty (and was actually also in miss korea) and she was pouting at how hes so much more prettier then her.oh luhan. Your powers are so great XD -Diana kim