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Deftones....all time fav!!!!!

A dedication to the awesomeness that is Chino Moreno, lead singer of Deftones, ††† Crosses, Palms and Team Sleep. This is an unofficial fan website and is not affiliated with Chino in any way.

This would happen if I found a guy who had a good taste in music. Has not yet been found.

Back in 1997 I had only the copy of Deftones' Adrenaline and I showed it to my boyfriend. He then gave me the real albums ever since we've got together as a couple. He is now my husband since 2007 and we went to 3 Deftones concerts so far ever since.

Today is THE day! Just a few more hours until I, once again, see my favorite band take the stage!❤️

Just a few more hours until I, once again, see my favorite band take the stage!

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Chino Moreno voice of Deftones, Palms, Crosses and Team Sleep sploosh!


I love this song and I don't really know why💕 Beauty School-Deftones

Deftones I don't think I had a single friend in high school who didn't have this in their room.

"Hear me spit on you, wither I Remold into gold and bury I from - Sun" -Deftones

Deftones.-- Amazing voice, music, and lyrics that are art and poetry.

August 2013 Deftones: *GOOSEBUMPS* these lads were SICK! Chino Moreno has energy for days.bestest night of my life!A already Best Song Performed: Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

Forever in debt to your priceless advice.

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