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Tony A. Gaskins

dont usually like these a real man a real woman things but this is sweet.


that's the truth! I'm so glad my husband has the patience to put up with my shit and grow an awesome beard.


I'd rather break my own heart missing them than give them the opportunity to hurt, use, abuse, break my heart, abandon and neglect do it again.

Oh yes. Been there, felt that.

i acted like it was no big deal when you broke it, but it rlly broke my heart. i acted like it was no big deal when u suddenly stopped, but it still bothers me. i acted i acted.

Perfect. Just absolutely perfect. I fell for what he was like in his heart; not the fact that he isn't hot or sexy or whatever. I just wish his personality (around me only?) hadn't changed...:/

Everything about you is.your a great man.falling in love with you is the best thing that has happened to me.I'm consumed by you! and I love you so much!

Spot on!

Refusing to own up on your Mistakes doesn’t make you seem more Competent; it reveals Cowardice, Callousness, and Untrustworthiness. There is no going back and Not Going Back there in Time Anymore! Going Forward into the Future!

I am so very thankful for my husband Pat, he has shown me what real love means..I am now so blessed. Thank you Pat, you are my hero. I honor you and love you.

Really, you lie to me about the same thing WE did together. Remember I did the exact same thing for years. I know when u lie

something to keep in mind

Do Yourself A Favor And Don't Stay Updated With Those Who You Realized Weren't Good For You. Such good advice