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I have that hat, i got it for my birthday and I never wear it oops

"I can be any guy you want" feels.

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this boy right here is possibly the biggest idiot that could ever walk this Earth but, I love him Ashton Fletcher Irwin is possibly the most adorable thing ever, i can't help but smile at everything he does, because he's so cute


You don't even have to listen to the video to know that Luke said that in a every diva voice

Would just like to wish Ash a happy birthday.

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Hey I'm Ashton. In a band called 5 seconds of summer with my 3 best friends. Well introduced yourself ~ash

Ashton Irwin xx 5sos

Ashton's tattoo "This band means everything to me, and so do my brothers, so I got this!" - Ashton<<<<<*sees picture finds tattoo* AHHHHHHH NO WAY!