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Sexy Undies Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | By: Samantha Frapart October 23, 2013 | Who knew that our intimate apparel could impact your carbon footprint? #GreenBlizzard

Sexy Undies Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Coconut Oil And Your Carbon Footprint | By: Danielle Jappah

Just what are the environmental benefits and impact of coconut oil? Is it green and healthy at the same time?

Food Miles and Its Impact on Your Carbon Footprint | By: Keith Blizzard December 13, 2010 | Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Locavore #GreenBlizzard

Food miles contribute to the carbon footprint of the fruits and vegetables you consume. Here are some green living tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint with smarter food decisions.

Planting Trees to Offset Your Carbon Footprint | By: John R. Garnet October 4, 2010 | A Long Lasting Way to Reduce a Carbon Footprint #GreenBlizzard

How planting a tree can reduce your carbon footprint. A great way to offset your carbon footprint and gradually (over several decades) absorb all those greenhouse gases you emitted

Carbon Footprints While Camping At The U.S. National Parks | By: Keith Blizzard September 27, 2013 #GreenBlizzard

Carbon footprints while camping in U. national parks can be small, even non-existent with a little fore thought and soft walking.

What Is Raw Milk and How Might It Improve Your Carbon Footprint? | By: John R. Garnet September 5, 2013 #GreenBlizzard

What Is Raw Milk and How Might It Improve Your Carbon Footprint?

Green Motivators | By: Keith Blizzard January 24, 2011 | Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Competitive Altruism | What motivates us to be more green and to reduce our carbon footprints on our own? #GreenBlizzard

Reduce your carbon footprint with competitive altruism - it is really a matter of mind over inertia. Read about the real human motivators for being green.

Is Planting a Tree Difficult? | By: John R. Garnet October 1, 2010 | Planting A Tree (or shrub) and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You may be asking is planting a tree difficult? Plus it can reduce your carbon footprint in long-term.