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Önceki Resim  İNANILMAZ 29 DOĞA OLAYI 10. Büyük Mavi Çukur: Belize açıklarında bulunan 'Büyük Mavi Çukur' gezegenin en iyi dalış noktası sayılıyor. 1971'de ünlü bilim adamı Jaques Yves Cousteau tarafından adı tüm dünyaya duyurulan 305 metre çapında, 146 metre derinliğindeki çukur her ne kadar dalma meraklılarının çok iyi bildikleri bir yer olsa da, böge yerlileri için hala esrarını koruyor.

The Great Blue Hole is the most popular dive destination in Belize. This massive hole under the water is near the Lighthouse Reef and creates a perfect circle of deep blue water. The water is 407 feet deep. It's breathtaking.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia... Especially since it's being destoryed by dangerously high carbon-dioxide levels and may not be worth visiting much longer. :(

Great barrier reef, Australia The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland.


Blue Beaches Zakynthos Island - Greece - the air, the sea, the people, wine and food . I love the Greek islands!

Capo Vaticano, Calabria, Italy.

Kayaking the Capo Vaticano, Calabria, Italy - wow. I would not mind kayaking if the water were so gorgeous and clear :D

El Azul intenso

The Best Funny Pictures GIF and MEMES about The glowing firefly squid of Toyama Japan. Best MEME and GIFS about The glowing firefly squid of Toyama Japan and Funny Pictures

10 Life-Changing Utah Hiking Trails (Stewart Falls? It's cool and all, but life changing? Meh... The other ones all look pretty incredible...)

10 Life-Changing Utah Hiking Trails

Zion National Park, Utah, USA - I went once and my trip was cut woefully short. I can't wait to go back and explore more of this beautiful space!

Amazing!!  “hidden beach” isole Marietas (Messico)

Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico *One of my favorite destinations on our honeymoon!

Special memories here at Morning Glory pool. sigh. sadness and new beginnings, all at once. Oh Roger.....

Morning Glory Rainbow Pool in Yellowstone National Park. The distinct color of the pool is due to bacteria which inhabit the water. On a few rare occasions the Morning Glory Pool has erupted as a geyser, usually…

Swim with the rays in the Caymens... some of the most beautiful water I've ever seen!

Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands- Chris and I went here and swam with the Stingrays. An absolutly beautiful place :)

The pink Lake Hiller lake in Western Australia - Scientists have proven the strange pink color is due to the presence of algae which is usually the cause of strange coloration. (Jean Paul Ferrero/Ardea/Caters News)

Next family trip? Lake Hillier, Australia - This is an actual "pink-colored lake".in Western Australia. From above the lake appears a solid bubble gum pink.Unlike other pink lakes in the world.the pink color can be found to be permanent.