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So true.

Roses are red, Mud is brown, 'Round here we Party with the Radio up and Tailgate down - Earl Dibbles Jr

Never let go of the rope

Don't let go of the rope. Awesome quote about showing and life itself

❤❤❤ I want to make this pillow!

Place a bride and groom behind this DIY "Happily ever after" pillow, and you have a memorable photo.



"I'm A CountryGirl; Don't break my heart or my daddy will most likely shoot yours!"

Awe this is true my daddy is only HAPPY if there is happiness in my eyes and fear in my boyfriends eyes whenever;

My life ♥

I maybe a east coast metro girl but all us gals could incorporate this Cowgirl Creed.


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So true, so true!  Not just "a" gun, but multiple guns, and cross bows, and knives, and.......

Redneck tips: Never do a country girl wrong. Even if she doesn't have a gun, her daddy will. So true!