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been there... haha


Le me running late for school.this happened to me one and It's a crazy feeling…

Derp and Derpina. Ha! Oliver's favorite song!

A guy had a crush on me once and he started singing this and I finished it off doing the whole version and then I hit his butt with a branched. He was very, shocked.

only pinning this because of the spongebob reference

Hah I feel like this is the exact altercation I would have with my mom bc she is so stinking clever.

So true!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! @Kristin Lawson @Jill Batton

I never get tired of this joke

Appropriate Teen Derp Me and My Friends In a Car - Clean Appropriate Humor, Jokes, Memes

Cereal Guy Meme... I'm crying lol

I did When I was eating rice suddenly I sneezed I was sick back then then on of the rice sticked in my nose and I was sneezing all over and over until I came to get it out lol That really happened

Where do u live

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