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The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016)

Allegiant (2016)

"NEW German "Die Bestimmung: Allegiant" movie poster! Courtesy of Concorde Filmverleih.

tris prior

Eric: She's not going to shoot me. Tris: I think you might be over estimate my character. It's not like you're going to shoot me. Tris shoots him in the arm.

Sassy Four. #Divergent

Divergent - this is like the first time in the book/movie that Tris doesn't have to hold back because of Abnegation.-----and I love this part because he chokes on his drink!

This is impossible Tris died, u can't have a child if your dead! Duh! Still crying though<<<I didn't need my heart

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Well this actually could've never happen. She would've had to give birth before she died ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~sad

— Не желаю слышать ничего о Ваших прежних фракциях. Вы Бесстрашные.   — А ты тоже из перешедших или урождённый Бесстрашный?   — Это шутка?  — Нет.   — Ты имеешь право говорить со мной?   — Ну, ты вроде такой доброжелательный.   — Осторожно.   — Ты, подружка, с огнём играешь.     [с] Дивергент

My second Favourite part from the awesome movie This is so awesome except they left out the part after she says " It must be because your so approachable" she adds "you know, like a bed of nails"

You’re not prone to babbling incoherently when confronted with golden gods.

11 Reasons You Should Probably Be Dating Four From "Allegiant"

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Tobias 'Four' Eaton is Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant part one.

Tobias 'Four' Eaton is Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant part one. Beautiful Beautiful And beautiful part one

Worst joke ever.

Worst joke ever.