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Gina Beck

Top 11 Best Christine Daae

Gina Beck as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera the London Production.

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Operafantomet: phantoming

I've no idea what production this photo's from but Phillips-Barton Lesnick Leroy suggested on Phillips-Barton James Smith Danielle's Phantom board that the Christine could be Marni Raab.

Image from The Phantom of the Opera. #GerardButler pic.twitter.com/3yKq7LvMQN

Gerard Butler GALS on

Lauri Brons Hamburg

Hamburg Aminta costume as worn by Lauri Brons

swirlofgown: “ Celia Hottenstein in the new US tour of Phantom. ”

swirlofgown: “ Celia Hottenstein in the new US tour of Phantom.

Lauri Brons || Hamburg

englishphanatic: “ The Hamburg production is again a fabulous production that produces absolutely stunning pictures (German productions have always seemed to be good with that though, as proven by all.


madamecuratrix: ppopine: Not sure if anyone else’s posted this yet, but here’s a clearer copy of one of the Anna O’Byrne pics. The addition of the Mirror Bride mask is an interesting, if slightly unsettling, touch. Anna is beautiful as always.

Hahaha so, in the London version, he picks her up like this when she faints, but in the Broadway version, he lets her fall and just puts his cape on her. Something about American actor's safety rights. Michael Crawford had a hernia when he was in the show in NYC, probably because of this, so it was changed. But the London phantoms still have to work out :)

The Phantom (David Shannon) and Christine Daae (Gina Beck). Photo c.

Colby Thomas ca. 1993.

Unknown ballerina, Gabriela Nicholson (Meg Giry) and Colby Thomas (Christine), Hamburg