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Next time somebody tries to tell you that the Confederate flag is about cultural heritage, remind them of this.

Mid to be exact. It was a way of the southern states to show defiance towards the Civil rights act. So yes, this flag represents racism.

Truth be told, true patriots shoot these fucks and all the fucks that made these acts "legal".

Mitt Romney, you remind me of an old southern bishop called sweet daddy grace. Just like you he was a liar and a cheat. You must have known sweet daddy.

#BostonStrong   Legit. I am so impressed by these guys and their courage and strength.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing [click through for more]


I stand with Sally Yates. Thank you, Sally, for sacrificing your job to stand up to Trumpet.

Bernie and Elizabeth - The real people fighting for the middle class

because our founding fathers fought the same evils & they gave us our own fire brand of socialist principles combined with wisdom, unique socialism American style. That's the fabric of our foundation.

Ectopic pregnancy that kills the mother is OK, because its God's plan!!!

Paul Ryan I was pro life tell a girl I went to school with died from a ectopic pregnancy, it made me see that a 16 year old is more important than a baby who wasn't going to live in the first place

Let us   ~   Not only will they desroy the middle class but, all of The United States of America! And then...Who will buy, use their products, services...

Truth be told. Bernie Sanders: This is a war the Republican politicians began! It is the Wealthy + Rich Corporate Greed against the majority of the People + the Environment! Take back the Gov't.for All People!