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My very first worbla creation is finished! A sturdy elven bracer (made up the…

Inspired by Sherri Saum & Teri Polo as Lena Adams & Steph Foster on The Fosters.

Inspired by Sherri Saum & Teri Polo as Lena Adams & Steph Foster on The Fosters.

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Link

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Link - Use this gorgeously detailed Celtic link to give dimension to a piece, or use it as an endpiece by simply attaching a clasp. The Celtic knot design has been used for .

No pierced ears can wear, but super beautiful.

Lace Allure Silver Filigree Ear Cuff by RavynEdge on Etsy - This cuff will give you elf ears :P

Image of dark silver stacking PAIR: Elvish rings, twigs & natural rock crystal . Gorgeous!

Dark Elvish RingsSilver Stacking Pair

Ruby Gemstones dark silver Elvish Herkimer Diamond ring: twigs and natural crystal, rock crystal - RedSofa jewelry.


Elf costume for Halloween, DIY Elf Ears, In Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth Fashion, Arwen Evenstar circlet headpiece. - Omg, I actually have this circlet.

Handmade bright and tender elf-ear ear cuffs. Price is for two cuffs. Please notice that all items are unique, no repeats so we cannot provide

Elven Bracer - Fencer Style

Elven Bracer Fencer Style by RawringCrafts on Etsy

Bag End.  Just add 13 Dwarfs, a Hobbit, & one Grey Wizard.

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