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your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.

Yes it is hard. It's just headache every night. Even dreaming. Strange but good one last night where you came chasing after me then I turned to you noticing you coming. Other odd parts but that was shocking to me.

It isn't fair that I can be lying here thinking of you and you're lying there thinking of somebody else. The asymmetry of this world disappoints me.

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"Building a vibrant, authentic and creative life starts with self-reflection. Our dreams come alive and grow strong when they are rooted in the truth of who we are.

...I'll go a step further and say that it's when they all line up with Biblical principles :-)

Inspirational Quotes About Happiness

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony- so true!

one of my favorite quotes. Ever. pinterest // @chloedebus

one of my favorite quotes. Ever. pinterest // @chloedebus