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Sally: of course I don't blame you, Annabeth dear. Sally to Percy: You're grounded. And when I say grounded, I mean GROUNDed. Percy: BUT MO- Sally: DON'T MOM ME MISTER! NO COOKIES FOR A MONTH! Percy: NOOOOOOOOOOO! I read this in Molly's voice.

SO ACCURATE. and I love how Sally is the biggest Percabeth shipper! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus crossover

Well no. That's not what she said. In case you don't remember, start reading all over from MoA. And you'll know. She keeps saying that he looks super hot and like puberty hit him right.

To everyone: Percy was quoted saying " With her sleeves ripped off, and her drakon bone sword, Percy had to admit that she looked in a barbarian princess kind of way.

Zoe a hunter of Artemis

:'(<<<< ok, I can handle this. *deep breath* *a quicker breath* *starts hyperventilating* Zöe Zöe Zöe NOOOO*Sobs*

// heroes of olympus

I think it would go: Annabeth: ravenclaw Leo: Gryffindor Percy: gryffindor Jason: slytherine/gryffindor Frank: hufflepuff Hazel: hufflepuff Piper: slytherine

This actually explains a lot and everyone knows it.

Wait so that means that a demigod and a god had another demigod so technically Percy is not a demigod anymore he's like god. No wonder he's a legend.>>no they chose rebirth so they are mortal.