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May the wings of your eyeliner will always be even.

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even! :: Pin Up Quotes:: Winged Eyeliner:: Makeup Quotes(Best Eyeliner For Winged)

This is me, everyday, all day #makeitstop

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Omg yassss I love Miranda sings!😱❤️😍😍😍😍repost if ur a mirfanda and if ur a hater then repost it still Or else, HATERS BACK OFF

They can never see the point I'm trying to make

why does this sound vaguely threatening like she's gonna dump a body on the shore

So true but ignorant black can't see that they think he our friends when god calls them our enemies

Great Michael Moore quote I don't always agree with Moore but he is correct on this one

Happened to me this morning. I sat up, flicked on my light, saw it was 6:55am, and got concerned.

And you just want to get up cause you think that your alarm may just have passed and you were still skeeping