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@Lisa James Smith karaoke

@Lisa James Smith karaoke

Looking for a new and creative way of having your students learn a new topic or reinforce skills? Breakouts are a great way to make content more engaging and encourage cooperation among students. Learn more about creating your own breakout activities, also known as Escape Room games, and get ideas on how to lead students to a URL, clue, or code using text, questions, visuals, articles, videos, or songs.

Resources For Creating Digital Breakouts: Ideas For Making Your Own Activities

These digital breakouts are both fun and educational. They require your students to read, work together, and problem solve. They’re great for any grade level!

Hey Mr. Stern!: DIY #BreakoutEDU Box

For the past two weeks, I& been slightly obsessed with reading about BreakoutEDU and all the games involved. My curiosity began last Nove.

Free Online Receipt Maker - Fake Receipt - Custom Receipt - Sales Receipt

Free Online Receipt Maker - Sales Receipt - Custom Receipt - Fake Receipt-- maybe for BreakoutEdu?

The Ransomizer - create your own ransom notes

The Ransomizer - create your own ransom notes. For the Escape Room?

Breakout box Games in the Classroom! This escape room for the classroom is so fun and engaging for students and promotes critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

Breakout Games in the Classroom

Would get the kids interested in not only understanding English commands, but using English conversation and teamwork!

Fake iPhone Text Generator

Create your own Fake iPhone Text. Most advanced iPhone Text generator online. Modify clock, connection, operator, everything in the iPhone messages

Happy April from Breakout EDU!  We are over the moon with excitement for your support of Breakout EDU.  Every day, thousands of students around the world are playing learning  games and collaborating with their peers rather than sitting in rows,  bubbling in worksheets. You are proving that learning and fun don’t have to  be mutually exclusive.  And now, we have some awesome announcements for you!  We Have A Bus  We are excited to share that the Breakout EDU Bus, a mobile escape room…

April 1 Breakout EDU Newsletter

We’ve been having so much fun playing Breakout EDU in our classrooms!  Many people wonder if this exciting game can be used with primary-ag...

We’ve been having so much fun playing Breakout EDU in our classrooms! Many people wonder if this exciting game can be used with primary-ag.