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been there... haha


Le me running late for school.this happened to me one and It's a crazy feeling…

only pinning this because of the spongebob reference

Hah I feel like this is the exact altercation I would have with my mom bc she is so stinking clever.

haha. knowing the macarena by heart, but have know idea what its about

Totally me. I am incapable of doing the macarena without trying to sing it. pshh, why else would a 35 year old woman do the macarena?

#deerptoblems comic I just wanna love you!!!

A deer's reaction when a car is moving fast towards it. A deer's reaction when I take a step 100 feet away.

This is one of my favorite jokes of all time.

They gave me what?!

This is one of my favorite jokes of all time. (Excuse the curse word, but the overall thing is funny)

Those don't even work correctly because my friend has one

There is actually a button you could use instead of the voice thing.

meme comic the flies are up to something- Lol Image


Funny pictures about Flies. Oh, and cool pics about Flies. Also, Flies photos.