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Good way to remember what you're listening for :)

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While keeping your mouth closed, take a deep breath in through your nose, counting to two. Follow this pattern by repeating in your head “inhale, one, two.” The breath does not have to be deep. A typical inhale will do.

Breathing Exercises with COPD

Breathing exercises can help ease the coughing that often accompanies COPD. Learn about techniques like pursed lip breathing with the help of these diagrams.

How to Avoid a COPD Exacerbation

How to Avoid a COPD Exacerbation

When you have COPD, it's important to stay healthy to avoid complications like pneumonia. Get the facts about COPD exacerbation that you should know.

This may interest those who suffer from asthma. Find out more at www.simplysupplements.co.uk I do a foot soak for our boys with Epsom salt for 15 min or so.  I also give them a vitamin c drop because I read vitamin c helps the body absorb magnesium

This may interest those who suffer from asthma. Certain vitamins and minerals can help to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Up to 90% of COPD deaths can be prevented. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a statistic.

5 Best Ways to Prevent COPD

The most important factor in prolonging survival in these patients is LONG TERM OXYGEN THERAPY. Criteria for Home = less than 55 + Sats at or below + hematocrit over + evidence of cor pulmonale

Yoga for COPD #FreshAir

Yoga for COPD

Yoga is an excellent exercise for anyone with COPD. Read more on how to improve your breathing and strengthen your respiratory muscles.