We just purchased an annual membership to our local arboretum. It's a wonderful oasis of nature smack-dab in the middle of our town. Thursday nights often find us hiking or biking together as a family

Top Nature Study Series and Field Guides for all Ages (The Unlikely Homeschool)

The Unlikely Homeschool: Top Nature Study Series and Field Guides for all A.

Wattle painting

Floral inspired art projects not only provide super opportunities to use art materials, but we all enjoy how beautiful flowers make us feel! Put mixing trays with blues, yellows and greens?

At the lovely school I used to be a preschool teacher at, the teachers there draw upon the methods from Reggio Emelia, a small village in Reggio Emelia, Italy. Both here and there, it is the child's experience through art, nature, and all surroundings that is documented as one way for educators to learn from the child.

Great way to display documentation at Breakwater School Preschool -'Documentation of artwork fall 2008 by Rachel Elizabeth Bingham'

Documentation reggio way

Recently, certain documentation panels have been published on large sheets of paper. This 'scale' helps to draw attention to details that.

Wonders in Kindergarten: Making our learning visible!

Our Rock Inquiry documentation board display! Inquiry places students' questions and ideas, r.

Documentation is now in the mainstream of education literature, research and practice. The Ontario government supports the use of documentation in early years settings and this is evident on the OE...

The Three Elements of the Documentation Process – Moving beyond Display to Interpretation

Observation, documentation-make learning visible, interpretstion The Three Elements of the Documentation Process– Moving beyond Display to Interpretation

Ver, pensar y sentir: UN TOMB POR REGGIO EMILIA: PARTE V. LA DOCUMENTACIÓN COMO PRÁCTICA PEDAGÓGICA Pedagogía de la luz Pedagogía de la llum

Lovely area at Boulder Journey School - documentation, light table, mirror & OHP (",) Reggio Emilia