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TF2: Animals by forte-girl7 on DeviantArt

TF2: Animals by forte-girl7 on DeviantArt

Marvel and DC comparisons

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters AKA why DC is and will always be a pathetic excuse for a comic house (besides Vertigo comics)

Superhero’s First vs. Last Onscreen Appearance. Here's a fun pics that compares the first on-screen appearance of various superheroes versus their last. I just love how Hugh Jackman looked like a regular guy back in 2000, and now, he looks like a …

Superhero's First vs. Latest Onscreen Appearance

Deadpool on a Unicorn - Deadpool - T-... | TeePublic

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Panda ... they know that is the way !!

Pandaaaaaaa ♥

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Stark and Strange

Marvel smilarities between Tony Stark/Iron Man sand Stephen Strange/Dr.

Amazing Superheroes Evolution

The evolution of super heroes. Wow, that first Captain America and Hulk.