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Real Fun Sized - Troll Level Max http://trolllevelmax.com/troll/11185/?new=1

Funny pictures about Fun size Snickers. Oh, and cool pics about Fun size Snickers. Also, Fun size Snickers.

Dad shows how to make a perfect bun like a boss.

How dads do a bun .this is exactly how my dad would fix my hair in a bun for ballet!

Awkward Children’s Book… sad bunny lol

Awkward Children’s Book…

Help little Timmy understand the concept of doing hard time by reading him "The Night Dad Went To Jail". This informative children's book will teach kids the life changes they can expect after daddy gets sent off to federal pound me in the ass prison.



"Welcome to King Burger, where we could not it yo' way.BUT DON'T GET CRAZY" hahaha love me some bon qui qui

Hetalia<<<<asdfghjkl; this is hilarious<<<< my sister is England then,she's done this XD

27 Pictures That Are Just Too Real

This actually happened to me.but it only burned my microwave ^_^* I kinda looked like England when that happened.but I took out the cup before it caught on fire. In my defense, it was finals week!

The Club Cant Even Handle Me Right Now

The club can't even handle me right now. Girl quotes, going out quotes, girls night

Must have been intense… I'm not sure why but I just laughed for 5 minutes straight!

Must have been intense…

This made me laugh so hard I started crying! Still laughing! The longer you look at it the more funny it gets! Big bird poopin on cars again!