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Why am I laughing so much at this.

Why am I laughing so much at this.

can u not

AU: Ladybug dies from saving the city. Chat Noir, the carefree kitty, will never be that same ever again. My heart!

Marichat is my  favorite from the square

I love how it says,"le crash", like even falling is fancy in France.

Ladybug And Chat Noir — thelastpilot:   arley-just-doodle-it:   So uh.....

thelastpilot: “arley-just-doodle-it: “ So uh. the plan was to just draw Marinette in some baggy sweatpants… Next thing I know, everyone is in sweatpants and I created an art dump.

Cuties §49 Miraculous Ladybug Chat noir, Marinette, Adrien

Cuties Miraculous Ladybug Chat noir, Marinette, Adrien << I nearly fell out of my chair.

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This actually happened. I saw a butterfly and I be like 2 my friend: "OMG! RUN! HAWKMOTH'S RELEASED ANOTHER AKUMA! RUUUUN!"

The other day, was watching an episode and just as Hawkmoth said, "Fly my little akuma, and evilize him--" I saw a shadow on the window of something fluttering down. I'm sure it was a bird but, that freaked me out for a split second.