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Eliana Angel Wolf

Eliana Angel Wolf

Non Solum - lanterns walking through the woods at night

In the sheltering shade of the forest Calling coming in silence Accompanied only by the full moon Howling of a night wolf And the path under my bare feet. The Elvenpath.

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~~♥ SUPER ♥~~ ANIMATIONS GIFS - Community - Google+

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I'm so excited for winter solstice, and the days to start stretching out again. This is the last winter solstice before the ever famous Mayan prediction of the end of the calendar . I wonder what next winter solstice will hold.

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GOOD LUCK JAR If you are unlucky enough to break a mirror, collect all the pieces, put in a glass jar and stand on you window sill, the shards deflect all the bad luck away from the house.

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Pomba Gira Cigana - Gypsy Exu-Femme Maceio - Elemental Dame of the Night - Fae - Salve - Cheers - Laroye